Iconic Residential Developments

From apartment complexes to exclusive townhouse developments, Claudio Modola Design has a track record for designing timeless, in demand properties for premium profits without the risks commonly associated with this type of project.

Luxury Waterfront Homes

Claudio Modola Design is renowned for its extensive experience in developing award winning luxurious island homes off the UAE coastline, Kenya's Lamu Archipelago and along the wider East African peninsula’s.

SIGNATURE Private Residences

Claudio Modola Design is internationally recognised for designing exclusive status homes for a discerning clientele without unnecessary complications, delays and budget overruns.



Yamasa Beach Club

home, Hotels

Bayt Jullanar, Dubai, U.A.E.

home, Private Residences

Andromeda, Dubai, U.A.E.

home, Private Residences

Bayt Al Maktoob, Al Ain, U.A.E.

home, Private Residences

Khamsin Tower

Apartments & Multiple Storey

Babel Tower

Apartments & Multiple Storey

Mayungu Villa

home, Private Residences

Kizingo Residence

home, Private Residences


With Claudio Modola inspire you can either sign up to our client area or request to book a consultancy. Our client area includes free guides and videos which will provide inspiration to your project. The guides consists of Best Practice Procedure’s , Project Planning Packs and other useful information. Signing up will also allow you to stay up to date with what Claudio has to offer. Our second option allows you to directly book a needs and options consultation with us to ensure we take action to assist you with your construction project.



Claudio Modola Design is a quintessential Italian Architectural and Interior Design studio whose work is recognised and covered by many of the world’s leading design publications. Whilst operating internationally across East Africa, the Middle East and Europe, Claudio Modola Designs ethos remains very much in line with the “Made in Italy” brand; marrying functionality and flair through masterful design and artisanal attention to detail to produce structures and spaces of superior timeless beauty.