Claudio Modola Design offers a full range of architectural design services in the luxury residential, hospitality and commercial sectors. The studio’s portfolio is not confined to particular style genre, on the contrary, we are known for creating and developing award winning designs which meet with the clients aspirations, property developer’s aesthetic guidelines and which sit harmoniously within the environmental and cultural context of their settings. Diversity, poetic proportion and the ability to evoke emotion is fundamental to good design and it is this that drives us to continually better ourselves in the quest for absolute beauty in all of its shapes and form.

The studio approaches every project with a bespoke, unique vision, driven by the creative thinking, collaboration and synergy within our team. We appreciate the responsibility and significance of designing spaces in which lives will unfold and business ambitions will be realised and as such customise our services to meet the client’s specific requirements. In doing so we are able to provide either preliminary concept design only or more commonly fully detailed architectural design inclusive of construction site monitoring services.

Should the client prefer to have an “all inclusive one stop shop solution” the studio will provide full architectural design, interior design, structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering consultancy services under one umbrella in cooperation with our trusted engineering associates.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”.  Winston Churchill


Since 2006 Claudio Modola Design has provided complete interior design services to private individuals and property developers, from the conceptual phase through to supervising the fit out of the design.

The interior design team’s work; under the artistic direction of Claudio Modola, involves developing creative solutions that are the product of research and extensive study into the projects cultural and geographical context, the clients lifestyle needs; in the case of a private home, or the business objectives of a commercial structure. In this way the highly customised designs are developed to be perfectly integrated into their settings in terms of features and aesthetic values. Where possible interior design projects should ideally be developed in parallel with the studio’s architectural design, in order to ensure no dilution of the concept conceived when the first architectural lines of the building are drawn, however the studio also offers stand alone interior design consultancy as the project may require.

Claudio Modola Design’s continual research impacts on the selection of all materials, colours and finishes involved in the fit – out, as well as on the design of the built in or custom made furnishings; all of this to ensure each design is unique and in keeping with our clients specific brief.

We believe that superior interior spaces are created by a masterful use of light, scale, colour, texture and function.

A concept may begin from an inspiration, a memory, a certain design style or an atmosphere but it should always enhance comfort, quality of life and mood and this is something, which we hope, each of our timeless, elegant interiors share in common.

“Fashions change, but style endures”. Coco Chanel


Claudio Modola Design has been designing one off pieces of highly customised furniture since 2007, in response to client enthusiasm for early pieces developed by founder, Claudio Modola, in the execution of the studio’s interior design projects.

Originally more a matter of necessity, than an organised furniture collection, the studio found that it could not always source, the right piece for a particular project, which was able to express a specific presence within a room through its dimension, proportion, material or shape in the way that the design team envisaged.

The studio is well known for highly customised interior design and in reality a discreet line of very one off furniture design was the natural extension of the studio’s passion to explore beyond boundaries in creative terms in order to create truly original spaces.

Today the Claudio Modola Design works closely with a select number of artisanal furniture makers in Italy, the UAE and Africa both at carpentry and upholstery levels to elaborate a number of absolutely unique signature pieces for its projects.

“Every piece of furniture and every object should be looked at as an individual sculpture”. Kelly Wearstler