A person’s home is the most important place in their life. It symbolises their identity, independence, security and is usually shared with loved ones. Claudio Modola is an Italian studio whose team has worked on various continents including the Middle East and East Africa for over twenty years. In that time, we’ve discovered that every client is different, and their requirements are often influenced by their family structure, culture, religion, lifestyle and aspirations – not just their aesthetic preferences.


It’s the important details that matter, which is why we discuss hobbies with clients and spend lots of time on parking and garages for those with prestige vehicles!


“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves 

Julia Morgan


Getting to know you

We believe a major part of our role in developing bespoke luxury homes lies in getting to know our clients and understanding their aspirations. That’s why we’ll meet with you to explore the options and work on the preliminary profile of the project.

Sometimes, what you don’t say is just as important as what you do say, which is why it’s so important for us to spend some time in a room with you before we put pen to paper. Beyond that, we can elaborate on the space, atmosphere and identity of the project to make sure we create something that speaks to you emotionally and which is moulded perfectly around your lifestyle

Making a difference

We love the work we do, not least because we’re passionate about design, but because it also gives us the opportunity to make a significant difference to the quality of someone’s life.

These are rare opportunities that reward our team greatly. The ability to design the backdrop to someone’s life that will be there through births, weddings, birthdays, tragedies and successes, means we create spaces for memories – not just inhabitation.

Key services provided

Every service listed below is fully customisable and they can all be provided independently of one another, if required:

  1. Pre-Design Research to establish Client Aspirations and Objectives, Aesthetic Preferences, Family / Lifestyle requirements, Site Parameters, Governing Regulations Authority / Developer etc.
  2. Exterior architectural design (concept design only or complete detailed design)
  3. Interior Design – Interior Architecture & Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Selection and Specification.  (May be Concept Design Only or Complete Detailed Design)
  4. Authority liaison and approval acquisitions
  5. Site monitoring and reporting during the construction and fit-out phase
  6. Procurement of specialist ID finishes, furniture, accessories and artwork
  7. Dressing of Property for Turnkey Handover.

As commonly required in the UAE, if you would like a one-stop-shop solution, we can provide every service listed above in addition to structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering design, cost consultancy, landscape gardening and project management services in cooperation with our trusted associates.

 Why choose Claudio Modola

Large design studios often shy away from servicing prestigious home projects, fearing reduced profit margins and time-consuming, complex details. We don’t. Claudio Modola is an international boutique design studio that has been built to work with individuals who want stunning, unique and challenging home designs.



Our work has gained recognition in Architectural Digest, World of Interiors and House & Garden, and while our designs are unique every time, the one constant is that each of our luxurious houses are designed primarily as homes – not sterile show pieces.