At Claudio Modola, we treat every project as a brand-new challenge and opportunity to create something inspiring and relevant.

We’re a highly-experienced studio, and over many years of operation have learned the following:

  1. Developers want unique designs and project identities which set new benchmarks and strengthen their market position;
  2. Consumers across the world have increasingly sophisticated demands when it comes to design;
  3. A person’s home is the most important building in their life – just as they buy with emotion, we deliver our projects with emotion; and
  4. beyond the emotion and passion we put into our work, we understand developers’ needs for high sales figures, positive returns on investment and a quality project delivered on time.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness

Frank Gehry


Beyond building design

When web design a branded residential development, we look far beyond the design itself by taking into consideration the unique characteristics of the project, including the:

  1. Target market’s requirements;
  2. Location;
  3. Cultural context;
  4.  Local building regulations;
  5. Environmental and climatic factors; and
  6. Advantages and limitations of the site

Our work is about creating a place, a home or community where people can be happy and have their quality of life enhanced.

Claudio Modola customers purchase lifestyle – not bricks and mortar.

Key services provided

Every part of our service is fully customisable, with each element available independently, if required. We’ll identify the most relevant services for you and ensure they meet your criteria and can deliver maximum value.

If you need a one-stop-shop solution, we can provide all of the services listed below in addition to structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering design, cost consultancy, landscape gardening and project management services in cooperation with our trusted associates

  1. Pre-design research to establish project objectives, parameters, competition, marketplace requirements and site specifics
  2. Exterior architectural design (concept design only or complete detailed design) Interior design (architecture and furniture, fixtures and equipment selection and specification)
  3. Authority liaison and approval acquisitions
  4. Site monitoring and reporting during the construction and fit-out phase
  5. Procurement of specialist ID finishes, furniture, accessories and artwork
  6. Dressing of show units or of individual units for turnkey handover
 Why choose Claudio Modola?

Our understanding of what sophisticated residential clients look for comes from over twenty years of operating across numerous geographic locations and within many different cultures. We therefore know how varied, eclectic and demanding the requirements can be. And we can meet them.


At Claudio Modola, we have a passion for creating beautiful environments that elicit positive emotion, and our commitment to pre-design research and working directly with clients ensures the best possible solution is always delivered.



We’ll always hit your commercial targets as far as budget, time and quality are concerned.