Over the last 16 years the Architectural and Interior Design portfolio of Claudio Modola Design has attracted significant international recognition from the world’s premier design press, a selection of which may be downloaded at the links below.

Helion Film

“Arkitekten 2001” / Video

Condè Nast / Architectural Digest August 2003

“Castle in the Sand”

Architectural Digest / November 2007

“Cultural Collaboration”

The World of Interiors / February 2007

“The Adventurer Returns”

House & Garden / January 2008

“African Queen”

Luxury Culture / June 2008

“Lamu Living with Claudio Modola”

The World of Interiors / October 2008

“Organic Chemistry”

Conde Nast Traveller / July 2009

“Trading Places”

Architectural Digest / August 2010

“Swahili Time”

House & Garden / September 2010

“Paradise in Progress”

Inhabitat Magazine / March 2013

“Gorgeous Solar Panelled Blue Empire Cottage Filters Equatorial Light in Kenya”

Worlds Best Africa & Arabia / January 2014

“Claudio Modola Design”

Brown Book Magazine / March 2015

“Island mentality”

Abode 2 / Aug 2016

“I am Claudio”