How good design can increase the value of your home?

How good design can increase the value of your home?

Our common desire to add value to our properties – particularly in cities where elevated buying costs have to be recouped – sees many individuals and developers furiously extending into side returns, building guest annexes, and digging basements.

But what happens if we just forget all of that, think outside the box and design homes simply because that’s what we want them to look like or that’s the feeling we want to have when living in them? If you forget all the rules, do something innovative and personal instead – you may just find your house commands an unprecedented premium over its neighbours.

It’s a theory that holds water according to recent research, which concludes that well-designed homes command a 20% per cent premium on average over their neighbours. That premium rises along with the property’s value, with homes above US$ 1 million fetching 30% per cent more than their less well-designed neighbours.  

“Good design”, of course, is deeply subjective. To us, it’s about a good flow of space and a focus on playing with volumes, perspectives and natural light. It’s also about spatial drama – high ceilings, interesting corners, understated quality finishes which help showcase key interior pieces and comfort.

Ultimately however, creating homes that inspire is also about a leap of courage.

If you are building a new property embrace the opportunity and let your imagination and that of your architect roam a little. Explore ideas, atmospheres, sensations and the inexplicable feeling you would like everyone that enters the home to have. Pay attention to the smallest details in order to ensure that everything is beautifully designed and carefully sourced.


A design professional will naturally give you so much more if they are not confined to practicality at every turn and this will pay back ten-fold.


An award-winning home provides a stamp of approval, it helps back up a buyer’s own feeling, especially if they are paying more than other properties in the area.

Great design is about invention, originality and passion. It’s about using one’s imagination and doing something for longevity, not just a showcase for the latest tech and gadgets, which ultimately will become out-dated and go wrong.

At the top end, high-quality design is a given – but there is a distinct market for something that breaks with convention. Buyers lap up an element of surprise, they ’re looking for a home that’s unlike anything else out there.

As a highly experienced and specialised architectural and interior design team, we are dedicated to creating highly emotive single homes or residential compounds. We give each project we take on our all, nurturing, coaxing and developing it to reach its full and absolutely unique potential.


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