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Category: Architectural Design
Bayt Jullanar Construction, Dubai, UAE

Construction of Bayt Jullanar, in Dubai, for client Salwa Dolmark of Gemaco Interiors is proceeding well, handover of the project is expected in mid January. Work on the exterior is now almost complete and the internal finishing is moving forward swiftly. Since the photo’s were taken all of the flooring is now in place and decorative elements such as custom designed discreet marble mosaics for the entrance hall fountains and pool floor are about to be delivered by Fantini Mosaic.

In addition to this the firm is making arrangements for two of our Lamu based craftsmen to travel to Dubai to assist the client in hand carving six traditional Swahili Zidaka wall decorations in the property.
We will upload photo’s to the blog as work process and will look forward to the inauguration!